Turquoise Mansion is akemie5o (Liam Murphy), jfled (Justin Fledderman), and sleep tart (Max Barrett). Fern Murphy is Gabriel Adams, Travis Brown, Benjamin Pearson, and Tommy Behan. Pat App is Patrick Appleton. Saffron is Barbie Parkour, Tom McGrew, Julian Povinelli, and Mitch Marsh. Grace Leckey is Grace Leckey with Garrett Spoelhof, Maya Toffler, and Chuck Roldan. Abdul Fall is Abdul Fall. Damion + band is Damion Schiralli with Garrett Spoelhof, Drake Ritter, Glenn Myers, and Chuck Roldan. Loveseat! is Mary Mclovin, Sam Clay, Jackie Walburn, and Vic Brown. Fleeter is Anna Fagin with Luc Charlier, Jake Sargent, Maya Toffler, and Max DiBella. Class Action is Michael Walters, Luc Charlier, Max Scott, and Reese Wilson.